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What Is AntlerX and how does it work? Well, AntlerX is a natural supplement that will help you to grow your muscles faster, of course, if you go to the gym or if you do calisthenics workout. It is based on deer antler velvet which is the substance found in the male deers’ antlers. Antler velvet is causing the cells to divide faster, causing the deer’s antlers to grow in a very small amount of time.

antlerXKnowing this, the scientists discovered that the antler velvet contains a very high level of amino acids and IGF-1, which is a growth factor that makes the protein synthesis much stronger, causing the muscle tissue to grow.

Why should I choose AntlerX instead of choosing other antler velvet based supplement?

Well, because, unlike any other antler velvet based supplement, AntlerX contains the biggest amount of antler velvet, which is over 100mg per dosage, while the other ones contain only few milligrams of antler velvet, the most important growth factor for your muscles. Besides that, unlike any other supplements, AntlerX also contains approximately 150 milligrams of amino acids and other growth factors that boost the testosterone, all of this causing the muscles to grow. Can you imagine, just, how effective it is? Can you imagine how fast it is doing its job?

Besides that, AntlerX doesn’t only grow your muscles, it also gives you more strength and more resistance and it is legal in almost all competitive sports, so you can take AntlerX if you want to get a better athletic performance.

AntlerX is also very safe and because it’s a natural supplement, it does not contain any harmful ingredients unlike protein shakes or steroids. The only inconvenienceAntlerX might give you is an upset stomach right after you use it. Anyway, you are protected by a 90 days guarantee so if it doesn’t make its job in the amount of time you want or if you just don’t like it you can return it and get all your money back.

AntlerX gives you even more advantages like:

~ A better immune system

~ Better sexual life

~ Better metabolism

~ Faster recovery if your muscles suffer injuries during workouts

Besides the antler velvet, AntlerX contains many more very important ingredients like:

~ L-carnitine converts the fat into energy, boosting the muscles’ growth.

~ L-glutamine helps the muscle to recover faster after it suffered an injury.

~ L-arginine supports the muscles’ feeding with oxygen and blood.

~ Zinc is also a very important part in muscle repair and it also helps the proteins to be synthesized easier while your muscle is in a recovery period.

~ Caltrop boosts the testosterone, having many roles in muscle growth and it also improves your sexual life.

Many of my friends used AntlerX and it worked really well on them, so they recommended me this product, but I don’t really need it, because I am not an athletic person, but if you are I recommend you to use AntlerX because it does its job very well and pretty fast too.

Use a healthy, natural, safe and non-invasive method to increase the size of your breasts

Just like everybody wants something different that they already have, women with smaller breasts are constantly looking for ways to enhance the size of their breasts. And they definitely have plenty of methods and solutions to choose from: creams, gels, oils, pills, capsules, special devices and implant surgery. All you need to do is do a little research and find the breast enhancement method suited for your needs and requirements.

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breast feminoBreast Femino is a natural, safe and non-invasive method to get the breast enhancement desired. Consisting in a combination of natural pills and a powerful cream, Breast Femino balances the hormones in the body and provides firmer, bigger and fuller breasts, and the product is representing a healthy and secure alternative to invasive implant surgery that may also trigger numerous harmful complications.

During puberty, estrogen is naturally released by women’s body, producing numerous changes: menstruation starts, breasts grow, libido increases, moods fluctuate, the genital organs increase in size and many other changes. Estrogen is the hormone that establishes the shape, size and fullness of breasts. If the estrogen levels are decreased, this will result in less developed and smaller breasts.

Although breast development usually completes a few years after puberty, about the age of 15 or 18 years, there are many factors that may influence the growth of breasts even after this age. Numerous treatments increase the estrogen levels. But in case if you do not want to take hormone-based pills, because they may make you gain weight and produce other changes, besides the breast enhancement desired, use herbs to boost your bust.

Raising the estrogen levels naturally, these remarkable herbs treat many female disorders, increase fertility, raise the libido, enlarge the size of breasts, treat the menstrual irregularities, balance the hormone levels, combat exhaustion and support the endocrine system.

Fenugreek, Saw Palmetto, Fennel, Mexican Wild Yam, Pacific Kelp, Dong Quai, Leonorus Cardiaca, Black Cohosh, Oat Grass, Blessed Thistle and Humulus Lupus are herbs that produce a healthy and natural development of breasts in women who have completed their puberty. Besides than just providing bigger, firmer and fuller breasts, these plants produce numerous other benefits that improve the overall health.

Consider taking pills with natural ingredients that do not have side effects while they offer you the breast enlargement expected. The results are permanent and this is certainly a better and safer option to obtain bigger breasts, unlike implant surgery.

Use Breast Femino, this highly effective combination of pills and cream that naturally increase the size of your breasts. Containing the herbs mentioned above, these powerful ingredients that balance the hormone levels and significantly increase the size of breasts, Breast Femino also provides firmer, lifted and toner breasts.

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What is onychomycosis and how to treat it and prevent it with Zetaclear

If you have one or more nails discolored, distorted or thickened, it is very likely to have a fungal infection. Affecting the keratin, which is the hard material of nails, the fungal infections develop gradually, slowly. The nails of toes are more likely to be affected than fingernails.
The fungal nail infection, also known as onychomycosis, may make the nails change its natural color, turning into black, white, green or yellow, making the nails look ugly and even causing pain.
Although onychomycosis does not always produce any further complications, treating it is necessary to avoid the infection affecting the other nails. According to Zetaclear website is a natural product formulated to treat the fungal infection that affects your nails, improving their look and promoting the health of your nails.
zetaclear_1Being usually painless at first, a fungal infection of nails may produce discomfort and pain, and it may make it difficult for you to walk or wear shoes. If your fingernails are affected by onychomycosis, you may experience trouble when writing. The complications caused by onychomycosis include brittle nails, with breaking sections of nails and eventually falling completely from finger or toe. If you have a fungal infection of nails and you refuse to treat it, the skin surrounding your nail may become painful and very inflamed.
Onychomycosis is frequently caused by dermatophyte fungi, which also produces athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot affects the skin between the toes, being a very unpleasant fungal infection which spreads very quickly to the toenails. But onychomycosis may be caused as well by Candida.
The risk of developing onychomycosis is increased when having a poor general health, psoriasis, diabetes, frequent deterioration of skin and nails, staying in a humid environment and even when wearing inadequate footwear, which makes the feet sweating. But a nail may be infected as well when using artificial nails or when constantly biting the nails.
Treating a fungal nail infection may not always be necessary, but not treating it may lead to spreading the infection and affecting the other nails, as well. You will find many treatments to cure and prevent the fungal nail infection. Practicing good foot hygiene, wearing cotton socks and shoes that allow your feet to stay dry may help preventing the occurrence of fungal infection.
Taking antifungal tablets and following the advice of a doctor will help you eliminate the infection, but these tablets often produce unwanted side effects. In some cases, removing the nail through surgery may be necessary. With the laser treatment the fungus are destroyed, but this option is quite expensive and risky.
Zetaclear is a natural formula containing safe and natural ingredients which will support the prevention and treatment of nail infections. By using Zetaclear the appearance of the affected nails will be very much improved, eliminating the signs of the infection and protecting it from future contaminations.
If you take care of your nails, maintaining a good hygiene and utilizing Zetaclear, you will definitely eliminate your nail infection and you will even prevent the appearance of the unpleasant onychomycosis.

Use Detoxadine for normal functioning of thyroid gland

Nascent Iodine is the best type of Iodine, identified by the organism as the Iodine utilized by thyroid. Being quickly assimilated by the organism when administered as a supplement, Nascent Iodine is known for a lot more benefits than just promoting the normal function of thyroid gland.

Nascent Iodine is effortlessly absorbed by the organism and normalizes the metabolism, raises the energy levels, promotes the normal functioning of immune system and detoxification processes, being a natural antiseptic which is also crucial for normal growth and development.

detoxadineNascent Iodine assists the production of thyroid hormones, which are significant for maintaining and controlling the metabolic rate. This metabolic rate influences the performance and functionality of numerous organs and regular processes, like sleep cycles, assimilation of food as well as transforming food into functional energy.

Some studies have demonstrated that Iodine protects the brain cells from the dangerous influence of free radicals, by connecting to fatty acids and preventing the free radicals from harming the organism.

Iodine provides the effective consumption of calories, so that they would not be stored in the body, as excess fats. The maturity and normal development of reproductive organs are also benefits of Iodine. Pregnant women should also take Iodine in order to prevent neurocognitive conditions in the newborn children or to prevent stillbirths. Iodine secures adequate movement, growth, as well as hearing and speech abilities of baby. Moreover, other than influencing the health of the conceived baby, an insufficiency of Iodine can lead to the infertility of women.

Certain hormones produced by the thyroid gland influence blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature and even body weight. The Basic Metabolic Rate is maintained with the assistance of these hormones, which is another reason why the thyroid gland should function normally. And this would be possible only if the necessary amount of Iodine is absorbed in the organism.

Iodine is found in shellfish, brown seaweed kelp, deep-water whitefish and other marine plants and animals which take the Iodine from the sea water. Other sources of Iodine are canned tuna and sardines, oyster, lobster, cod, clams, salmon, shrimp, but also sesame seeds, garlic, Swiss chards, soybeans, spinach or lima beans. Iodized salt is, as well, a great source of Iodine that we all should consume regularly.

Statistics indicate that more than 90% of Americans are affected by a deficiency of Iodine, due to their nutrition, diets or lifestyles. Many adverse health conditions are caused by the deficiency of Iodine, because of the essential role played by Iodine within organism. Depression, constipation, poor perception levels, abnormal weight gain, mental retardation, fatigue, coarse skin, cretinism are only a few serious effects that the deficiency of Iodine may produce on the body.

As is mentioned on the official websites this product developed in order to avoid the deficiency of Iodine and to support the thyroid health, Detoxadine is dietary supplement which contains the Nascent Iodine required by the organism. Take Detoxadine daily in order to ensure the normal functioning of thyroid gland, to improve your metabolism and to ensure the fat burning process. Get your Nascent Iodine today, purchase Detoxadine and stay healthy!

Pro Enhance Penis Enlargement Complete System

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The Pro Enhance patches are accessible in light boxes, which are little and could be carried on the individual. An activity regimen ought to be taken after consistently and the consequence is more amazing sex drive, strong erections and a bigger, more extensive and more full penis. This outcome is recognized after a customary utilization of four to six months however a few clients claim they perceive a distinction in the penis length in only 30 days utilization. Each one patch could be utilized for three days.

proenhance_1Look at the week after week markdown offers by the suppliers before you put resources into the Pro Enhance patches. A year’s supply provides for you a sparing of $468 yet you can even purchase stock for three to four months at first. There is a cash back insurance with a 180 free trial offer. You can request the product specifically from the suppliers or other advertising orgs. responses reported.

Read all the data about Pro Enhance fixes before you choose to utilize the product. As opposed to living in trust, it is beneficial to benefit of the current innovations accessible and keep on leadding a typical and sound life. In any case, those with lung or heart issue ought to get the approval of their specialist before utilizing any enhancement product as the expanded blood stream may cause some reactions.

Proenhance likewise provides the profits of an improved sexual life. It is a product supported by medicinal experts and cultivators. It provides an orderly-improvement regarding penis expansion and sexual execution.

Proenhance likewise comes as a patch. Mode of activity is likewise transdermal, stick it on the skin ideally beneath the mid-region or thigh range and feel its ponders. Outcomes are stronger erections, penis development by 0.5-1 inch following two months of proceeded utilize and full trust within sexual arousal that can keep going the whole night. Proceeded utilization of Proenhance will bring about expanding penis increases, better sexual stamina and speedier recuperation. This product is exceedingly viable and protected to utilize.

Maxiderm and Proenhance are both as a transdermal patch. This mode of activity is by and large much superior to pills in light of the fact that transdermal requisition provides correct and controlled dosing. Patches are protected to utilize, non-bothering, phenomenal for the individuals who are voyaging and best of all convey comes about right when you require it.

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Breast Actives Review – How To Increase Your Bust Size Naturally Without Surgery

The Breast Actives program is a natural breast enhancement strategy which incorporates breast amplification works out, the Breast Actives natural breast growth pill and the Breast Actives natural breast enhancement unguent.
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breast_actives1Each one single herb spotted in Breast Actives is not risky and has been in boundless utilization for a considerable length of time. The elements in Breast Actives are recorded on the Food and Drug Administration’s GRAS rundown of dependable nourishments.
The Breast Active world-shattering and remarkable activity program which has been explicitly created to support the individuals who have undersized or flabby breasts improve the wellbeing and state of their breasts in a natural manner.
Every natural part in Breast Actives is sheltered and handles no hazardous symptoms.
Breast Actives offers ladies a quick acting, valuable medication ensured to prepare all the more naturally improved breasts-without the dangers of growth, for example, scars or physical response to the engineered bust inserts.
Not everybody is supplied with breasts that can provide for them the consideration that they merit. It is a pitiful certainty surely that ladies with greater breasts some of the time draw more consideration once they venture into a room. It is safe to say that you are one of these ladies?
On the off chance that you simply replied “no,” you require not feel terrible in light of the fact that there is currently a protected and viable approach to breast enhancement. This is made conceivable by Breast Actives – Breast Gain Plus (as its once called), a natural breast enhancer technique that can spare you from those tormenting surgeries. Additionally, it is ensured to be protected as the item is figured free from cruel fixings. This has been affirmed by a large number of Breast Actives creams surveys that originated from fulfilled clients that have utilized this dynamic lifting creams and pills to build the span of their breasts naturally without surgery. They have verified the great comes about that the cure brings and how it spared them from shame and low fearlessness realized by little breasts.
Having little breasts could truly be bulky particularly when the event calls for ladies to wear swimsuits or dresses with plunging necklines. Thus, ladies resort to distinctive systems that could provide for them greater breasts size, for example, wearing bras with cushioning and utilizing breasts enhancement creams. At the same time after such endeavors, some ladies still find their exertions purposeless. So they attempt different choices that could provide for them quicker come about, for example, breast enhancement surgery. On the other hand, the last alternative which incorporates breasts embeds frequently prompts scars and more regrettable, disease creating symptoms.
With Breast Actives, then again, your exertions are ensured to endure foods grown from the ground without needing to stress over unfriendly physical response in the meantime. Breast Active item holds viable elements that most breast broadening creams don’t have and a breast enhancement surgery couldn’t give.
The natural breast extension item has Pueraria Mirifica Extract and Red Clover Extract as its principle or dynamic elements. Different elements that cooperate to guarantee attractive outcomes incorporate the accompanying: Calcium Carbonate, Silicon Dioxide, Aloe Vera Concentrate and Vitamin E.
Aside from Breast Active item itself, Breast Actives {cream|creams|pills and creams| audits likewise gloat about the quality administration offered by the organization behind the miracle breast enhancement item. The organization likewise guarantees your security through watchful dispatching and charging regardless of which some piece of the globe you are in. Additionally, you might love the bundles that they proffer which incorporate a two-month supply free of charge trial examples.
So on the off chance that you have lost trust in getting those hot greater breasts, reconsider. Breast Active non surgical breast enhancement medicine could provide for you the boobs that could blow some people’s minds when you strolled into a room.

Origini della razza

dompedroOrecchie lunghe e vellutate, che si appoggiano sul petto come un’ampio scialle, occhi malinconici e sognanti, testa dall’espressione nobile e dignitosa, corpo allungato, basso e pesante, saldamente piazzato sulle zampe corte e con larghi piedi…un’impavida coda ostentata a mò di sciabola.

Il Bassethound, unico per le sue caratteristiche, sembra uscito dallo schizzo di un’umorista e suscita le più disparate reazioni, tranne l’indifferenza: può colpire spiacevolmente per chi lo vede bizzarro e grottesco, oppure affascinare irrimediabilmente, soprattutto per il suo sguardo da “cane costituzionalmente distrutto dall’infelicità”, a cui fa da contrappunto un’insospettata allegria, vivacità, un’inattaccabile buonumore ed un contagioso ottimismo per la vita.

Appare chiaro che pochi aggettivi non possono descrivere in modo esauriente il profilo del bassethound, piacevolissimo come compagno di vita, dal carattere poliedrico, dotato di un’innata dolcezza ed affettuosità …e non scevro di una certa cocciutaggine!

Il Bassethound è prima di tutto un segugio, talmente abile nello svolgere il suo lavoro da aver soddisfatto generazioni di cacciatori.

E allora, quando il gioco si fa duro, ecco il nostro Bassethound pronto a tirar fuori tutto il suo temperamento!

La sua storia, ci porta indietro in un viaggio nei secoli, dove la leggenda si mescola alla storicità ; non esistono prove dettagliate della presenza del Bassethound come tale prima del 1585, ma occupandoci di una razza così caratteristica e certamente molto antica, è doveroso ricordare che fin dal 2200 AC si hanno tracce di cani a gambe corte e dal corpo allungato e persino nelle tombe dei Faraoni appaiono raffigurazioni di questo tipo.

E’ quindi molto probabile che da questi antenati si siano sviluppate nel tempo , con caratteristiche differenti , le singole razze a gamba corta, ovviamente in base alle diversità morfologico- geografiche e climatiche dei territori.

Da questo archetipo si distinsero due ceppi: il primo si spinse ad Oriente, originando i cani Cinesi e Tibetani, mentre il secondo proliferò in Europa, affiancando nella caccia le tribù nomadi.

Furono proprio i cani che cacciavano a fiuto “canis sagaces”, che i nostri Antichi Romani incontrarono invadendo la Gallia. E’ molto probabile che questi primitivi cani francesi siano gli antesignani dei primi segugi, allevati dai Monaci di un Monastero delle Ardenne, fondato dal figlio del Duca Della Guienne, Hubert (657 / 727 DC).

Racconta la leggenda che questo nobile, impegnato in una battuta di caccia durante un Venerdì Santo, si imbattè in un cervo, che portava una croce scintillante tra le corna. Il cervo parlò ad Hubert, rimproverandolo perché si dedicava alla caccia nel giorno della morte di Cristo e perché conduceva una vita dissoluta. Questo emblematico incontro provocò la conversione di Hubert e la rinuncia alle nobili insegne di cavaliere. Divenne monaco e fondatore dell’Abbazia nelle Ardenne , quindi Vescovo di Liegi. Della vita precedente salvò solo la sua grande passione per i Segugi, che continuò ad allevare. Alla sua morte fu canonizzato protettore dei cacciatori ed i suoi Monaci continuarono in sua memoria l’allevamento dei Segugi di St. Hubert, stabilizzando la stirpe , anche se i singoli esemplari erano tra loro molto diversi. Fino alla rivoluzione francese fornirono numerosi esemplari ai Re di Francia, particolarmente apprezzati per la loro abilità di cacciatori.

La leggenda di St. Hubert fu immortalata dal Pisanello , ed il dipinto è tuttora esposto alla National Gallery di Londra.

Vari cronisti cinofili hanno descritto il Segugio di St. Hubert: nel 1576 Tourbeveille nell” “Art of Venerie”, afferma sia dotato di corpo possente , gambe corte, non particolarmente veloce, ma con ottimo fiuto e con mantello di diversi colori (bianco per la caccia al cervo, nero per le piste di sangue). Nello stesso anno Caius in “Of English Dogges” , scrive: I Segugi di St. Hubert si riconoscono per labbra lunghe e larghe, molto pendenti , ed orecchie pendenti fino a coprire la mascella”

Conseguentemente alla schiacciante superiorità sulle altre razze da caccia, il Segugio di St. Hubert, divenne il prediletto della nobiltà , e gli aristocratici francesi allevarono e selezionarono questi Segugi, ottenendo addirittura tre varietà per razza, che si differenziavano prevalentemente per la taglia : gli Chiens d’Ordre, di taglia grande, usati per le cacce a cavallo; gli Chiens Briquet, usati da seguita e di taglia media; gli Chiens Basset, usati per la caccia a piedi (chasse à tir), di taglia non superiore ai cm. 37.5.

Nella chasse à tir, i cacciatori erano dotati di pesanti archibugi o moschetti, molto difficili da maneggiare. Le prede , quindi, (generalmente cervo, coniglio o lepre) erano cacciate in modo lento. I Basset erano formidabili coadiutori , poiché grazie alla loro altezza ridotta, riuscivano a penetrare nel più fitto sottobosco, stanando la selvaggina ed esponendola agli spari.

Prede più grosse ed impegnative , non erano comunque fuori dalla portata del nostro basset, al quale non mancò il coraggio per affrontare l’orso (denominato in Francia Bete Noir) ed il lupo, veri flagelli che causarono enormi danni a raccolti e bestiame.

La parola Basset appare per la prima volta nel 1585 nel libro “Venerie” di Jacques Du Fosilloux. In questo testo, l’autore dedica molte pagine alle virtù venatorie del Basset ; vi compare anche una bella illustrazione di Feyeraband, che immortala un allegro gruppo in partenza per la caccia al tasso, su una charette de chasse. In questa illustrazione è di notevole spicco la raffigurazione di due Basset, che sono sorprendentemente somiglianti ai moderni bassethound.

Con la Rivoluzione Francese e la caduta della monarchia e dell’aristocrazia, le grandi riserve di caccia vennero smembrate, i cani dispersi, ed alcune razze purtroppo si persero per sempre.

L’allevamento dei Basset , riprese durante il periodo della Restaurazione , a cura di appassionati cacciatori.

Fu soltanto nel 1863, che alla prima esposizione canina a Parigi, il pubblico ammirò i Basset , cominciando ad apprezzare questi cani dall’aspetto così insolito.

Ed i Basset, così insoliti, non potevano sfuggire all’attenzione degli Inglesi , sempre ghiotti di rarità , soprattutto in relazione agli animali. Tutt’oggi, sugli stemmi gentilizi di molte famiglie britanniche di discendenza Normanna, sono raffigurati stemmi con le teste dei Segugi di St. Hubert e si può dunque pensare che i loro antenati abbiano portato dalla Francia questi cani.

Ma è nel 1866 che il nome Basset Hound, compare per la prima volta nella letteratura inglese, ed è proprio in questo periodo che iniziò il loro allevamento su basi scientifiche in Inghilterra, ad opera di Lord Galwary e successivamente di Lord Onslow, che diedero un notevole impulso all’allevamento della razza , partendo da alcuni esemplari di Basset importati dalla Francia .

Nel 1874 Millais riusci ad acquisire e portare in Inghilterra Model, un Basset che veniva utilizzato in Francia come stallone, e lo espose a Wolverhampton, suscitando notevolmente l’interesse di pubblico e stampa. Furono proprio Millais e Lord Onslow che continuarono a dedicarsi con passione all’allevamento , nel tentativo di ottenere soggetti sempre migliori, a cui seguì Mr. Krehl , un londinese , che importò dalla Francia un altro stallone, capostipite della razza, Fino de Paris.

Mr Krehl continuò per anni con i discendenti di Fino de Paris a conquistare i più grandi successi in esposizione.

Nel febbraio del 1883 , venne fondato in Inghilterra il primo Bassethound Club, e grazie alla dedizione degli allevatori inglesi, nel 1886 all’Esposizione Speciale di Londra, vennero iscritti 120 Bassethound! Quattro anni più tardi, nel 1887, venne redatto da Krehl e ratificato dal Club , il primo standard che indicava per il Bassethound, un’ossatura massiccia, un’abbondante pelle lassa , un ampio e sviluppato torace e una testa simile al Bloodhound.

E fu proprio il Bloodhound che Millais utilizzò per porre rimedio ai problemi derivanti dall’eccessiva consanguineità tra i suoi soggetti ; la razza trasse da questo apporto di sangue indubbi benefici , poiché agì sulla morfologia, mantenendo integre tutte le peculiarità e l’istinto del vero segugio.

E’ questa l’affascinante storia che il Bassethound porta sulla punta del suo muso, come un regalo, la storia che racconta del suo indomito spirito da segugio e che ci parla dell’antica amicizia che Neruda descrisse come la gioia di essere cane e di essere uomo, trasformata in un solo animale che cammina muovendo sei zampe e una coda bagnata di rugiada.


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P17 Bassbarr O’Sullivan Ch.M8 Bassbarr Obsession With Bronia Ch
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P19 Ann- Dean’s Mag Wheels Ch Can Usa AkcP9 Bricar’s Uther Pendragon Ch Am Port Esp Eur
M20 Bricar’s Midnight Lace Ch am Port Esp
M4 Big Bone Boogie Woogie Ch P
P21 Gunsmoke V. Hollandeim Holl. Lux Ch
M10 Big Bone Jingle Bell
M22 Big Bone Decibelle
P23 Olympos Black Trans Am Ch It
Madre P11 Poirot Ch It
M24 Atena Dei Trentarossi
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P25 Bellecombe Edward Elgard Ch ItM12 Bellecombe Lillie Langtry
M26 Grasshopper’s Taste Of Honey Ch It
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P27 Ferdinand Of Kind Kernel
P13 Happy Walker Exception
M28 Grasshopper’s Chelsea
M6 Ambra Dei Trentarossi
P29 Pop Dei Trentarossi Ch It
M14 Ortensia Dei Trentarossi
M30 Clara Dei Trentarossi