Does the presence of your dog lower your libido?

Because dogs are quite curious, they might look at you in a weird way when you try to have intimate moments with your lover. The presence of your pet can lower your desire for sex, reason why you have to ditch him before spending a romantic evening with your boyfriend or husband. Even more, your dog can be overprotecting with you, believing that your lover wants to hurt you. Perhaps any dog owner has gone through this at least once. However, you should lock your pet in another room. If your libido was affected, Provestra can help you get in the mood and enjoy your experience with your lover.

Can Provestra bring back passion in your bed?

provestra libido dogIf your desire for sex was affected, Provestra will help you enjoy more satisfying experiences in bed. This natural supplement designed especially for women is made of natural compounds that were selected for their effects in bringing back passion between the sheets. Regardless if your sex drive was curbed down by the presence of your dog or due to other issues, Provestra will speed up arousal and intensify sensations so you can truly enjoy the romantic moments with your lover.

Numerous factors can lower your desire for sex, according to WebMD. Whether it is the presence of your pet, ageing, relationship problems, stress or fatigue, your mood and libido will be improved if you take Provestra. This dietary supplement contains in its highly efficient formula herbal extracts of Ginger, Red Raspberry, Valerian, Damiana, Ginseng, Licorice and Black Cohosh, L-Arginine and vitamins that nourish the body, strengthen the desire for sex, intensify sensations, speed up vaginal lubrication and improve the health of reproductive system in women.

This health supplement works by enhancing the blood circulation to the genital area, improving the relaxation of body and mind and intensifying the sensations. Because of these pills the excitement during foreplay will be a lot more intense, sexual arousal will be amazing, hormone levels will be balanced and the special needs of women will be fulfilled more easily. Provestra will help women look and feel better and younger because its ingredients delay signs of aging and women will become more optimistic and enthusiastic.

Because the ingredients included in Provestra pills balance the hormone levels, women who take this dietary supplement will alleviate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menopause. Moodiness, irritation and vaginal dryness will be eliminated and women will get to feel better and more appealing in their own skin. No matter what affected your sex drive, regardless if it was your dog, stress or fatigue, you can start feeling better and enjoy more intense sensations due to Provestra pills.

Provestra from will help you bring back passion in your bed and enjoy more the moments spent with your lover, but you should not forget to lock your dog in another room. What will you do if your lover’s desire for sex gets affected by the presence of your pet?