What is onychomycosis and how to treat it and prevent it with Zetaclear

If you have one or more nails discolored, distorted or thickened, it is very likely to have a fungal infection. Affecting the keratin, which is the hard material of nails, the fungal infections develop gradually, slowly. The nails of toes are more likely to be affected than fingernails.
The fungal nail infection, also known as onychomycosis, may make the nails change its natural color, turning into black, white, green or yellow, making the nails look ugly and even causing pain.
Although onychomycosis does not always produce any further complications, treating it is necessary to avoid the infection affecting the other nails. According to Zetaclear website is a natural product formulated to treat the fungal infection that affects your nails, improving their look and promoting the health of your nails.
zetaclear_1Being usually painless at first, a fungal infection of nails may produce discomfort and pain, and it may make it difficult for you to walk or wear shoes. If your fingernails are affected by onychomycosis, you may experience trouble when writing. The complications caused by onychomycosis include brittle nails, with breaking sections of nails and eventually falling completely from finger or toe. If you have a fungal infection of nails and you refuse to treat it, the skin surrounding your nail may become painful and very inflamed.
Onychomycosis is frequently caused by dermatophyte fungi, which also produces athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot affects the skin between the toes, being a very unpleasant fungal infection which spreads very quickly to the toenails. But onychomycosis may be caused as well by Candida.
The risk of developing onychomycosis is increased when having a poor general health, psoriasis, diabetes, frequent deterioration of skin and nails, staying in a humid environment and even when wearing inadequate footwear, which makes the feet sweating. But a nail may be infected as well when using artificial nails or when constantly biting the nails.
Treating a fungal nail infection may not always be necessary, but not treating it may lead to spreading the infection and affecting the other nails, as well. You will find many treatments to cure and prevent the fungal nail infection. Practicing good foot hygiene, wearing cotton socks and shoes that allow your feet to stay dry may help preventing the occurrence of fungal infection.
Taking antifungal tablets and following the advice of a doctor will help you eliminate the infection, but these tablets often produce unwanted side effects. In some cases, removing the nail through surgery may be necessary. With the laser treatment the fungus are destroyed, but this option is quite expensive and risky.
Zetaclear is a natural formula containing safe and natural ingredients which will support the prevention and treatment of nail infections. By using Zetaclear the appearance of the affected nails will be very much improved, eliminating the signs of the infection and protecting it from future contaminations.
If you take care of your nails, maintaining a good hygiene and utilizing Zetaclear, you will definitely eliminate your nail infection and you will even prevent the appearance of the unpleasant onychomycosis.