Who is David Azzato and what are the secrets of an online business

One big part of the today’s business world is the real estate business. It is really hard to represent anything from a flat to a whole building if you do not have the right way to represent it or the right knowledge of what people want.
I am a part of David Azzato’s online real estate business. I create portfolios of flats that should represent the space in the most genuine way, so that people who see them or want to buy or rent them can realize what kind of space it is. I really enjoy my job and love what I am doing. It is more because of how I am doing it. And that is because the real genius behind everything, David Azzato, has the right way of expecting the best from us. He never pushes nor gives us deadlines. “It is more important to do the job right and in the best possible way, than to do it quick.”, he always says. And that is why we all want to give our best.

Are there any secrets?

No, I don’t think so. Everything is very logical and as long as you have fun while doing what you do and passion for the projects you are a part of, you do not need any guidelines nor secrets to know in order to become successful. Or maybe this is the secret? I do not know, but one thing I know for sure is that David Azzato created this team of highly motivated and interesting people who have the ability to work in an efficient way.
The real estate business is really hard, and there are many companies that do this. I worked for quite a few of them, but I never felt the joy of working like I do right now. My way of creating the best portfolios is to first feel the building or the flat. Spend some time there and see what atmosphere the whole area has. After that I start taking pictures and writing about it, because I want to give the future owners not only a photo of the room, but also a genuine picture of the atmosphere of the place.
Is it hard to work for David Azzato?
No, definitely not. He is such a calm and easygoing person that you will first think he is an employee and not the boss. It seems more like you work with him, not for him. I do not know much about his private life, but at work he seems like a colleague, one that offers you guidance and as much time as you need to complete your project the best way you can. Everyone can say what they think and there is never that feel of pressure. And that is the right way, I think, to get the best out of people – to let them be who they are, and not who they need to be. He also never talks about someone’s mistakes, but about ways how to improve what we are doing. That is one more secret, isn’t it?